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Matt CiArrocca — Certified Personal Trainer

I help my clients reach his or her personal goals in fitness in the best location for them by faciltating the most effective personal training for them.

I specialize in individualized, safe, high-intensity workouts with emphasis on functional movement which allows my clients to achieve maximum results in the shortest amount of time.

Personal Training (1 hr. Sessions)

  • It can be difficult to know how to begin when starting on a fitness journey.
  • Personal training sessions will give you the benefit of having the sessions focused solely on you.
  • During sessions, we focus on form and movement patterns necessary to perform an exercise correctly.
  • We start with a free consultation and movement screening. This is where we look further into your goals, and determine what specific limitations you might have.
  • Every program is designed differently for each client, and carefully monitored every week.
  • Contact Me for pricing info.

Group Fitness (50 min. Sessions)

  • Attended classes with others with similar goals.
  • All classes begin with a warm-up that raises the heart rate, and prepares you for the workout.
  • Workouts for the day will be explained, demonstrated, and coached throughout each class.
  • Classes will end with a cool down that will allow you to properly recover, and help prevent injury.
  • Online Group Classes and Private Group Classes
    Private Groups Train wherever is comfortable (within union county) with family/friends. Minimum 5 students
  • Contact Me for pricing info.

Online Training

Online training was gaining interest before COVID-19, but then became a necessity — I offer both personalized and group training online, via Zoom.

live online fitness training

In-Home / Office Training

Often the most convienient place to excercise is your home — I will come to you and we will train in your home with your available equipment. For some, they have a location at their office that works best - if its convienient for you — it works for me.

personal and group fitness training

Outdoor Training

Outdoor Training is often a great way to get outside and get your workout done. I will build a personalized program that will help you reach your goals.

outdoor fitness training

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